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Get Away for Less in Style insists Top Sante magazine regardless of the downturn. Amongst its recommendations Top Sante assures us Indulgence Divine "lives up to its name with funky decor a king sized canopy bed that looks like it's from medieval times, as well as a luxurious double shower"

Indulgence Divine makes the front cover of Flair


Interior design magazine Flair featured its favourite interiors and illustrated it with a picture of our sumptious double bedroom on its front cover. "Most holiday rentals make you want to spring out of bed and hit the road right away," writes Flair "but this one is like having a boutique hotel all to yourself"

Irish Independent


Amongst the 10 coolest places to stay in Europe picked up by Welcome Beyond for the Irish Independent, Indulgence Divine is a "romantic 16th-century house in the historic town of Vittoriosa... a peachy getaway for couples."


Influential design website highlighted Indulgence Divine, admitting to having fallen in love with the "deliciously retro beauty" of our accommodation. It wrote - "A home away from home for two, Indulgence Divine is a perfectly chic residence from which to explore this decidedly up-and-coming island", but the best compliment comes at the end of the piece - "Gattaldo's house conversion may just be one of Europe's most desirable rental properties..." Oh you guys make us blush!

Hotel Haiku


It was imperative that a site about the quirky and original in travel be in itself unique. Brainchild of Garri Rayne, known for his fresh approach in the travel industry, the site gets rid of all clutter and pares it down to one succinct haiku per property. Indulgence Divine is proud to be featured in hotelhaiku and is one of the notels - new term meaning not a hotel. The website's tagline is Home is where the art is.

Travel website hotelhaiku



"Gattaldo took as his inspiration for the interior design of this typical small-scale townhouse the historical links that Vittoriosa had with religion - the seat of the archbishop was here before Valletta was built - and excess of all sorts. Yet the design itself is spare, relying on simple but exceptional forms and highlighted with zinging colour. There is certainly no dark mahagony, no crimson damask or scarlet velvet and gilded pelmets. It is all very serene, a good holiday base for popping out and walking the surrounding streets or taking trips to different parts of the island."

Interiors design magazine Flair

“For the last 18 months or so Aldo has been painstakingly overseeing the restoration of his latest project, Indulgence Divine that is located in Vittoriosa in Malta.

Vittoriosa, or Birgu as the locals refer to it, is an ancient city located on the south side of the Grand Harbour in Malta. It was also once home to the Inquisitors Palace, the headquarters for the Papal Inquisition in 1574, which was built in the Norman period to house the court of Justice.

What I love most about Aldo is that rather than do away with centuries of history and culture, he cleverly chooses to intertwine such rich themes into his design process, resulting in a contemporary style that is distinctly Aldo and unique to him.”

Gourmet Worrier |

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